DC lines up All-Star roster of artists for Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Event

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT (Updated)

DC Comics is bringing out its big guns for the first big event of the REBIRTH era.

The comics publisher is using an all-star rotation of artists to pencil the much-anticipated crossover event, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. Each issue of the weekly event miniseries, which drops at comics shops Dec. 21, will feature art from a different artist. Joshua Williamson is scripting the series.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad promo image


The debut issue will feature pencils by Jason Fabok, the artist behind that eye-popping promo image showing Batman and Harley Quinn in full team-up mode. Issue #2 will be drawn by Batman and Deathstroke artist Tony S. Daniel, with Jesus Merino joining the project for issue #3. Fernando Pasarin takes over art duties for issue #4, with Robson Rocha handling penciling chores in the penultimate issue #5, and JLA: Tower of Babel artist Howard Porter doing the art honors for the sixth and final issue.  Porter’s involvement is particularly noteworthy, since he hasn’t drawn the League in a comic in quite a few years, since JLA: Classified.

Williamson told Blastr at New York Comic Con that he really wanted to create an epic series that was like a summer movie spectacular. He also wanted to harken back to some of the classic DC miniseries of the past, like Crisis on Infinite Earths. The story centers on the Justice League learning about the existence of the Suicide Squad. Once the heroes hear about the black-op missions Amanda Waller has been pulling off with some of the worst villains on the planet, and how she's keeping them in line,  they decide to put the squad out of commission. How that unfolds will obviously be a major part of the series, but that’s not all.

DC co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee also told us that the first-ever encounter between the Justice League and Suicide Squad will have major ramifications across the DCU throughout 2017. In addition, it will help boost the launch of a new Justice League of America title next year.

What do you think of the lineup of artists DC has rounded up? Tell us what you think in the comments. And take a look at some preview artwork from Justice League vs. Suicide Squad!

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