DC may be eying Gotham City’s criminal underworld to flesh out Titans’ bad guy lineup

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Holy evil, murdering crime lords, Batman! A pair of still-emerging reports may further boost DC fans’ ever-expanding expectations for how the Titans reboot is shaping up, with word tentatively coming through this week that the show — already jam packed with a menagerie of good guys — could spotlight some familiar villains in DC’s extensive catalog.

This time out, DC appears to be tapping Gotham City’s criminal underworld for some vigilante-worthy villainy. Talkies Network, a fan blog, got its hands on what it believes are production photos from the in-development live action series, and connected the dots to conclude that the show is featuring the Maroni crime family.

The photos only show trailer doors for what the site assumes are Titans cast members and crew. The one of interest here is the one with the sign labeling the trailer as “Stunt Maroni 1,” which, if authentic, could confirm DC’s inclusion of the Maronis in Titans’ constellation of bad guys.

With Big Lou as the big guy who got the syndicate going, the Maronis rose to challenge the Falcones for criminal ascendancy in Gotham. While the Falcone crime family has taken most of the spotlight in the DCEU’s recent screen output, perhaps Titans will bring a new take on how Lou’s descendants are cornering Gotham’s black market.


In a related piece of information, Heroic Hollywood is reporting that Tony Zucco, the extortionist whose trapeze-sabotaging treachery killed Dick Grayson’s parents and led to Dick’s evolution into Robin, has been confirmed as one of Titans’ villains. 

Including the Maronis and Tony Zucco in the new series makes for a convenient one-two punch, since Zucco worked for Salvatore Maroni in the Batman: Dark Victory comics series, back in the early 2000s. 

Bringing Zucco back also promises to help DC more fully frame the separate character arcs for Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. It could give the show plenty of origin-story material, since Zucco is essentially responsible for the events that propelled Grayson toward becoming Batman’s squeaky-clean, do-gooder sidekick. It’s a move that “makes a lot of sense,” notes Heroic Hollywood, since previous Titans stories have been so “Robin centric.”

DC still hasn’t revealed the name for its forthcoming streaming service, nor has it announced a firm premiere date for Titans. But we’re still expecting the service — and the show — to make its first appearance sometime this year.