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DC movie roundup: Jason Momoa wants Snyder Cut released, Amy Adams out as Lois Lane, Shazam! gets bubbly new poster

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Dec 8, 2018, 12:46 PM EST

Time to get heroic! Here's the latest roundup of news from the DC Extended Universe!

More than a year after the theatrical release of Justice LeagueJason Momoa (Aquaman), is stoking the flames of the old "Snyder Cut" controversy. In many ways, Zack Snyder's original vision for the movie is like Bigfoot, some staunchly believe in it, while others find it to be a silly hoax. 

“I’m obsessed with [the Snyder cut] too,” Momoa told MTV News. “That’s just one thing that sucks with our business, where you just can’t speak your mind, but: Yeah, f–k yeah, I want to see it.”

After the superhero crossover film was done with principal photography, Joss Whedon (The Avengers) was brought in to oversee reshoots. Snyder did not oversee them due to the suicide of his daughter, but some rumors claim that the filmmaker's personal tragedy was used as a cover by the studio (Warner Bros.), which did not approve of his initial cut and sought to boot him from the project

Momoa will reprise his role as Arthur Curry when Aquaman dives into North America theaters Dec. 21. The movie, directed by James Wan, has already debuted in China, already taking in $60 million in just two days, according to Forbes

Another DCEU veteran, Amy Adams, says she's probably done playing Daily Planet reporter and Superman paramore, Lois Lane

"Welcome to the DC Universe," Adams told Nicole Kidman during a Variety-sponsored "Actors on Actors"" conversation. Kidman will, of course, be playing Aquaman's mother, Queen Atlanna, in the underwater hero's upcoming standalone movie.  “I think I’m out of the DC Universe now," Adams continued. "I think they’re revamping that. I don’t know the details.” 

It makes sense that Adams would be out as Lane if Henry Cavill won't be returning as Superman. In September, news broke that the Man of Steel actor would reportedly no longer be playing Krypton's last-surviving son. 

Last on the list is Shazam! director David F. Sandberg, who shared a Variety poll of the most-anticipated superhero movies of 2019. While Avengers: Endgame was the top choice, Sandberg's entry into the DCEU scored higher than Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel (out March 8). 

As Carol Danvers and Shazam! both go by the name of "Captain Marvel" in their respective comics, Sandberg was basically saying (without explicity saying it) that his Captain Marvel movie is more anticipated than Marvel's version. 

The film revolves around Billy Batson (Asher Angel), a kid that turns into an adult superhero (played by Zachary Levi) whenever he speaks the name of the wizard, Shazam (Djimon Hounsou). Levi has described the movie as a mixture of Superman and Big while on the red carpet for the Season 2 premiere of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Here's a new poster that highlights that Shazam! (aka Captain Marvel), despite his awesome abilities and strength, is just a kid at his core:

Mark Strong (Kingsman) plays Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, the hero's archenemy, a bitter genius who was not chosen to wield the powers of Shazam when he was a child. 

Shazam! opens in theaters April 5, 2019.