DC Movie rumors: A new Justice League Big Bad + Suicide Squad's lineup

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Oct 11, 2014, 10:31 AM EDT

A new report about the future of Warner Bros.' DC Movie Universe just hit the 'net, and it includes a new villain for the Justice League's first film.

Latino Review's El Mayimbe hit the Meet the Movie Press podcast earlier today, and revealed a couple of big pieces of news he's recently received from his sources. One is an interesting shift in the direction of WB's Justice League, while the other lays out the purported seven-person lineup for the developing Suicide Squad movie.

On the Justice League front, we've heard for a while now that the main villain for that film is set to be Darkseid, though Warner Bros. has never confirmed that. Darkseid certainly makes sense as a credible threat to the League, and he's in many ways to the DC Universe what Thanos is the to the Marvel Universe. Now that Justice League is in the hands of Argo writer Chris Terrio, though, a new villain has come to the forefront of the film, and that villain is...


So, if this report is true, a Superman villain who's almost made it to screen in past developing Superman films will finally get his shot, and he'll go toe-to-toe with the whole Justice League. As for what will become of Darkseid, El Mayimbe simply said Warners is "pushing him towards later," perhaps because of his similarity to Thanos, who's rapidly rising over at Marvel Studios.

Now, on to the Suicide Squad flick. Last month, we heard that WB has had a script on hand for a while, and that Fury director David Ayer seems to be the man the studio wants to helm the film. What we didn't hear is who'll actually be on the Squad, and now El Mayimbe says he knows. According to his sources, the story will focus primarily on team leader Deadshot, and will also heavily feature Captain Boomerang and Vixen. The other four members, who won't be featured as much as those top three characters, will reportedly be Blockbuster, Multiplex, Jaculi, and Mindboggler. So, you've got strength, speed, telepathy, replication, and a host of other powers on that team. That lineup also gives us a few DC characters we might never have expected to see onscreen, and puts Deadshot in prime position to become a crowd-pleasing antihero in the DC Movie Universe.

So, that's two big DC superhero movie rumors to chew over this weekend. What do you think? Does Brainiac make sense as a Justice League threat, and is this a solid Suicide Squad lineup?

(Via Latino Review)