DC panel recap: Aquaman, Affleck and a new Justice League trailer

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

The DC Extended Universe rolled out big names and big footage at Comic-Con's Hall H on Saturday, but there were a few things noticeable by their absence.

A super-excited Jason Momoa -- who flew in from the Australian set of Aquaman last night -- got the crowd going by running down the entire length of the hall, trident in hand, to join moderator Chris Hardwick on stage and get the fans pumped about the upcoming Aquaman movie.

Following a brief video message from director James Wan, in which he explained that they were not that far into shooting, a clip was shown that featured two fishermen watching in astonishment as a massive fleet of Atlantean ships passed underneath them (Momoa later revealed that the ships belonged to Ocean Master). That epic vista was followed by a brief shot of Momoa, out of costume, wielding a sword, after which the Aquaman logo was displayed.

Momoa's electrifying entrance was followed by the rest of the Justice League as Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Ezra Miller (The Flash) and Ben Affleck (Batman) joined him on stage.

Affleck made the most news by refuting the rumors that surfaced this week -- following a story in The Hollywood Reporter -- that he would hang up the cowl after Justice League. "I'm the luckiest guy in the world," said the star. "Batman is the coolest f**king role in the universe."

He also insisted that he would play "an ape on the ground" for The Batman director Matt Reeves, whose latest film is War for the Planet of the Apes. Affleck seemed determined to push back on the speculation, which has been the latest turmoil to rock the DCEU world.

Some chat and fan questions followed, but what brought the house down was the new Justice League trailer, which you can view here.

Another slightly awkward moment took place when one fan asked about the reportedly extensive reshoots on Justice League being done now by Joss Whedon, stepping in for Zack Snyder. "I think we're just about finished," said Fisher. "They've been brief ... Zack picked a good guy to come in and finish up for him."

The studio also unveiled a list of upcoming films that included Flashpoint (the newly reconfigured Flash movie), Shazam!, Wonder Woman II, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Suicide Squad 2 and Green Lantern Corps -- although not a single one of those has a release date yet (and only one, Batgirl, officially has a director in Whedon).

All that info was missing from today's presentation, along with a rumored casting announcement for Green Lantern. Also missing: Henry Cavill. Although they're still pretending that Superman is dead, we all know he's coming back in Justice League (watch the end of the new trailer again, closely).

The next DCEU movie on deck, Justice League, is out in November.

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