DC responds to kid's letter, tells him their movies sell better than Marvel's -- but is it true?

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

One child bravely asked DC how they were going to combat Marvel's borderline movie monopoly. DC's response was ... surprising. 

Among comic nerds, it's pretty common knowledge that Marvel and DC have been duking it out for decades. Lately, Marvel (on the movie front at least) has been absolutely slaughtering DC.

Keeping that in mind, a reddit user uploaded a letter his brother sent to DC. The brother, Spencer, asked DC a number of questions, most notably over how DC plans to compete with Marvel. Here's the letter in full.


Then DC responded. And their response is basically a nerdy push-up-your-glasses, "Well, actually ..." maneuver.


Looking at the last decade of movies, you might be thinking, "What? That can't be true!" Perhaps now you are borrowing from another franchise entirely and saying that DC is full of bantha poodoo.

But they're judging by a very particular metric. And, by said metric, they're technically not lying. DC does have only one distributor, and, if we judge Warner Bros. movies versus all of the Marvel movies made solely under the Disney banner, this is the breakdown.

DC: $6.3 billion

Marvel: $5.65 billion

Of course if you measure in every Marvel character regardless of distributor, that number jumps to nearly $13.2 billion.

There's also another, more obvious fact, which is that Marvel movies have repeatedly outclassed DC's financially over the last five years. Marvel's Avengers and Iron Man 3 clock in at spots 3 and 5 respectively on the all-time, worldwide charts with a combined over $2.7 billion before The Dark Knight Rises barely makes the top 10 at #9 with a little over a billion dollars.

And if we're talking 2013 alone, DC's only movie, Man of Steel, brought in $668,045,518 which only barely outpaced Marvel's secondary franchise flick, Thor: The Dark World, which brought in $630,542,579.

So, yes, if we're talking ancient history and include all the old Batman and Superman films while simultaneously ignoring all X-Men and Spider-Man movies, DC's coming out on top. But, really, when a kid is asking you what you're going to do in the here and now to combat your biggest rival and you say, technically, we sort-of, kind-of already won? Well, it sounds like you're saying that Darth Vader did murder Anakin Skywalker from a certain point of view.

No one's buying it, DC Obi-Wan.

What I'm saying is, I'm a Toydarian, jedi mind tricks don't work on me.

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