DC shows love to Justice League and their (Suicide) Squad goals at Toy Fair 2016

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Walk around the floor of the 2016 American International Toy Fair and it's kinda like Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice exploded all over the place. Warner Brothers has even parked a Batmobile on the show floor. No one attending is going to forget that the latest cinematic installment of the DC Comics extended universe is coming out soon, or that the toys and collectibles supporting it will be rolling into stores for the duration of 2016. Regardless of how that film turns out, or is received by audiences, the Justice League characters are everywhere for all age ranges and they aren't going away. In fact, there's a strong feeling with the depth and breadth of product that WB & DC are laying the groundwork for the long-game of character focused items that appeal to old school fans and younger generations ready for a big screen Wonder Woman to hit big. 

Frankly, it's exciting to see so much of Gal Gadot's likeness in the booths on a wide range of Wonder Woman figures in prep for her BvS appearance and her solo film adventure in 2017. And kudos to DC for licensing their entire Suicide Squad to toy companies so there were plenty of Katana, Harley Quinn and Enchantress toy inclusions next to their bro-brethren. 

Check out a large assortment of what our Blastr editors found on the Toy Fair floor from the DC camp and let us know your favorites in the comments...

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