It's Supergirl vs. Teri Hatcher as Kevin Smith returns in the latest Supergirl

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Apr 26, 2017, 2:49 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Distant Sun," the latest episode of The CW's Supergirl!

The short version: Mon-El's parents put out a bounty on Kara to get him to return home. Teri Hatcher kicks Kara's butt. Mon-El agrees, but the gang rescues him just in time. But Teri Hatcher kills Kevin Sorbo (what?!) and is out for revenge. Oh, and Alex and Maggie are totes adorbs as they meet one of Maggie's ex-girlfriends.

The good: Kevin Smith, Teri Hatcher goes Kryptonite ninja, Mon-El

Trent: Say what you will about Kevin Smith, but the guy absolutely gets how this show should work. This season of Supergirl has been wildly uneven, but this episode was arguably one of the best of the year. Smith returned to direct this installment, and it's clear he understands the way this world should work, how the characters in it should interact, and the way they should sound. Some of the banter felt almost Whedon-esque, in a good way, with subtle callbacks that really made the characters click. He obviously loves these CW superhero shows, and they need to bring him in as a consulting producer (at least on Supergirl) stat. The series would be the better for it.

The story involving Mon-El's parents also came to a head this episode. But, all you probably remember is Teri Hatcher attacking Supergirl with a freaking Krpytonite sai, and it was glorious. Like, this show has been touch and go when it comes to baddies, but Hatcher's rogue Daxamite queen could be one for the ages. She oozes charisma and is pure evil. It's obvious Hatcher is loving her return to the DC universe, and this time around she gets to play the exact opposite of a do-gooder reporter. You could see it coming from a mile away when she knifed Kevin Sorbo, but it was still a great power play. Can't wait to see her mix it up with Kara again.

Getting back to Kevin Smith, he seems to be the only director that can figure out what to do with Mon-El. Chris Wood is trying his hardest, but this character is a big, wooden, good-looking guy most of the time. But in this episode he's got jokes, he's adorably trying to be a house husband for Kara, and he gets to be brave, and admit he was only doing what he thought Supergirl would do. Again, if we can get this Mon-El week in and week out, the guy could easily become a fan favorite.

Other great things: The psychic-off with Martian Manhunter was epic. Mon-El not finishing Romeo and Juliet. If that's foreshadowing, it's a bit heavy-handed, though.

Dany: Well, someone sure liked this episode a lot more than I did. It's you, Trent. It's you, buddy. But, I'll agree that Kevin Smith added a certain jubilence to the visual narrative that has been sorely missing these last few episodes. Kara having a laser-eye-beam-off with an eye-patched bounty hunter was pure comic book magic. And Kara's fight with a body-controlled Mon-El was just the right blend of funny and dramatic. All the ways in which Smith could make the most of the material he was given, I think he really nailed.

And our heroes were pretty heroic. J'onn faking out Rhea by pretending to be Supergirl was a little obvious, but still a smart, thrilling move, as was Winn jumping through a space portal to save his bro, Mon-El. And Kara was really on point tonight, too. That blend of rebellious fight mixed with optimistic patience and compromise is what makes Supergirl stand out from all the other CW superheroes right now for my money.

The bad: The president fake out, boring Sanvers drama

Dany: On the real tip? I do not like Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo on this show at all. I thought Sorbo's performance as Lar Gand was super flat and Hatcher's Queen Rhea is too cartoonishly bad for comfort. Why is she like this? Why does she hate Kryptonians sooooo much? I just don't get her. She's bad for the sake of bad, and not in a way I find particularly entertaining. Supergirl has a lot of great things going for it in the hero department, but golly would it be nice if they could get some solid villains.

And, good grief, but when is Sanvers gonna heat up again as a couple? We get a peck or two on the lips, and then the rest is about Maggie's fee-fees because she cheated on her ex once upon a time? I can't believe you're making me thirsty for the Ilene Chaiken, L-Word days right now, Supergirl, but you really are. Y'all, Bette and Tina had less boring scenes together AND I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHAT A SERIOUS ALLEGATION THAT IS. If I were remotely given towards self-harm, I might even say I miss Jenny Schecter. JENNY @#$ING SCHECTER, SHOW! What are you doing to me?! You need a Shane, show. Hey, Katherine Moennig, do you need a job?

Where's the passion? Where's some actual tension? Where's the ... Supercorp, honestly? How is it that Kara and Lena can be so much more intense in a few seconds every couple episodes than Maggie and Alex are with their weekly subplots? Y'all are starting to make Mon-El look good. But not Mon-El and Kara, because they are still all kinds of Buffy/Riley boring. GET IT TOGETHER.

Trent: Look, I really enjoyed this one. The only quibble I have is the fact that President Lynda Carter is apparently a shape-shifting alien, or something? Yes, that was teased a while back, but they really let that one simmer far too long. If you have Lynda Carter, just let her be the awesome female president we deserve. Don't use her for a hackneyed twist.

Lines of the night

"Is that what they mean by helicopter patenting?" - Mon-El

"I cook now." - Mon-El

"You seem a little short for a storm trooper." - Mon-El

Lingering questions

So, is Kara just not going to have a day job and continue being Supergirl full-time? If so, that's kind of a bummer. They really set up her ambitions to be a reporter, and that story has been heavily put on the back burner the past few weeks. Which, umm, isn't James Olsen running CatCo now? Can't he get her a job back anyway? Despite the fact that, journalistically speaking, she kinda totally deserved to be fired? Here's hoping Kara gets back to work, because we can only watch her canoodle with Mon-El on the couch for so long.

What's next for Teri Hatcher's evil queen? It was a shame to see Kevin Sorbo get the axe so soon, but at least he got a chance to see a little action fighting Martian Manhunter. She's gunning for Earth, but what form will that take?

So, the DEO now has a functioning teleporter capable of zapping them wherever they need to go? Yeah, that could come in handy. Be curious to see if that's a functioning piece of the story moving forward or just a one-off McGuffin they shelve. If so, umm, that's dumb.

Where are they going with shape-shifter alien President Lynda Carter? Please don't get cheesy. Please don't get cheesy.

Up next: Is someone figuring out Kara's secret identity? Or something?