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Apr 27, 2017, 3:21 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Exodus," the latest episode of The CW's Supergirl.

The short version: While Alex tries to discern the true motivations of Jeremiah, Supergirl and the DEO must locate where Cadmus is holding kidnapped refugees before it's too late. Also: Snapper Carr throws down the journalistic gauntlet.

The good: Poltical relevance and tense, morally grey decision making, Dune references, and SuperCorp

Trent: Even if the plot is a little dumb, I'm all about getting Dean Cain more involved in this show. They were dealing with some really interesting story elements here regarding loyalty and moral ambiguity, but it just felt a little ... dumb. Having Jeremiah working for Cadmus certainly ups the stakes, but it turns out the big secret is that he's doing it so Cadmus doesn't try to kill Alex and Kara. But, like, they're already trying to kill them every other week, aren't they? Then, he flips anyway, when Alex confronts him at the launch. Which is a cool moment and leads to a great fight with Cyborg Superman, but if he's going to flip, why not do it last episode before he gave Cadmus the alien registry? That would've pretty much derailed the evil plan, right?

Also: Winn and his geeky alien girlfriend is pretty much the most likable relationship on this show right now, and I love it.

Dany: Cadmus doesn't think humanity should have to allow "dangerous" alien refugees to remain on Earth. Man. I wish I knew what this episode was a parallel for. It's a ding dong mystery, I tell you what. Ha ha ha, but seriously, folks, it's good to see Supergirl take on the issue of refugees head on. As American politics pushes the envelope on drawing false parallels between immigrants and violent crime, we need as many empathetic narratives as possible to remind folks that they have hearts and to use them. The overwhelming majority of aliens on Supergirl are just living their lives. Some may be violent, but that percentage is repeatedly proven to be dramatically lower than humanity's. That's real life, folks. It's not subtle, but that don't make it any less necessary to say.

And, personally, I really liked how compplex J'onn's choice was to deceive Alex in order to test her allegiance. It wasn't very nice, sure, but we understood where the lines were drawn and the tension ramped up quickly.

And, let me say this: Lena and Kara continue to have the best chemistry Supergirl has had, short of what Kara used to have with Cat Grant. The SuperCorp is so thick in the air, sometimes I feel like it's all I can see. AND I LOVE IT.

Quick final note: Lyra is a Dune fan. Noice.

The bad: Significant others leading sisters astray, a too-pat ending

Dany: Mon-El? Maggie? A quick aside? What the @#$% y'all doing right now and are you trying to kill me? Mon-El, why would you tell Kara to unleash her very foolish blog post? The consequences, while not explicitly obvious, were clearly going to be dire. And they were! There was no plan! People could have died! Kara got fired! How she gonna make that cheddar now, Mon-El? Huh?

Hold up, Maggie, don't think I don't see you trying to slip out the back, girl. You told Alex to run head-long into danger, even though no one knew what Cadmus or Jeremiah was really up to? You want Alex to die right now?! I know she said she wanted to go it alone, but that is exactly when you call the DEO and come in guns blazing! Not even sure what to say, tbh. Very disappointed. You were a bad girlfriend this week. Learn something from Lena and Kara.

And, show? Kara and Alex were very stupid this episode and by letting Supergirl just physically resolve the problem at the last possible second not only lets all the tension out unnaturally, but it makes it hard to feel like there are real consequences to these women's actions. We need stakes! And steaks. I am hungry! How about you, Trent? Prime rib? Cowboy cut? What do you want?

Trent: At this point, Snapper Carr is about the only person on this show not acting wildly out of character. The DEO can't put out a statement about Cadmus stealing the alien registry, so Kara tries to write a story for the 'paper about it. But, Snapper won't let her run it without good sourcing. Which, you know, makes sense. This is supposed to be a newspaper. Kara gets in a huff, and eventually decides to just write up the story anyway and post it on a personal blog.

A few questions: There are a whole lot of randos with a whole lot of blogs out there, so how did people actually find Kara's story in the first place? "Oh, I published it! Now everyone has read it!" That's not exactly how that works. She gets fired, of course, and Snapper explains it's breach of contract and wildly questionable to run without sourcing. And he's right! C'mon, Kara, you're smarter than this. Okay, last point: They need to get the word out about Cadmus stealing the alien registry, so why doesn't Supergirl just fly into a TV news station or call her own press conference and get the word out that way? People will listen to Supergirl, right?

Also, how inept is the DEO? They initially keep Alex on the case when they're literally hunting her dad, at least until Martian Manhunter pulls an epic switcheroo to test her loyalty. That was a cool moment. But why was she on the case in the first place? Is she the only DEO agent they have? Not to mention the fact that no one can find Cadmus, until Alex goes solo for five minutes and stops an alien abduction. Then, what luck! Their van has "Evil Headquarters" saved in the GPS and she's there in the next act. Lucky, right?

Last thing: Having that ship launch with Alex on it would have been such a cooler story, right? That's not just me? It seemed like they were setting that up for a short arc that could've had Alex trying to find her way back home from an alien outpost. That would've been cool! Instead, Supergirl grunts a little harder and stops the ship before it can jump into hyperspace. Sigh.

Lingering questions

What are Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo up to? Where will Mon-El's allegiances lie? Can he go away? Like, right now? And will SuperCorp ever happen? It won't. But could it? No. Please, though???

Up next: Daxamites descend and meisters make things musical after a one-week hiatus.

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