Betrayal, Danvers family drama and Dean Cain in the latest Supergirl

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Feb 28, 2017

Spoilers ahead for "Homecoming," the latest episode of The CW's Supergirl!

The short version: The team rescues Dean Cain's Jeremiah Danvers and he's welcomed back with open arms. Of course, he turns out to be a double agent and steals the alien registry from DEO headquarters. Mon-El figured it out early, but everyone got pissed off at him about it. Turns out dude was right.

The good: Dean Cain is back! Cadmus is so much smarter than the DEO

Trent: The big selling point for this episode was the long-awaited return of Dean Cain, and yeah, it was pretty great seeing him back in the fold. We haven't had a lot of chances to see Cain's Pap Danvers interact with the rest of the cast, so giving him a moment to toast with the cast and kick 'round DEO headquarters was a cool change of pace. He also got some nice action scenes, and since it'll be a while (or never) until The CW can use Superman again, seeing the former Lois & Clark star bash some skulls is probably the closest we're going to get for now.

Well, this episode showed the bad guys certainly have a leg up on the good guys in the world of Supergirl. Cadmus' plan might've been kind of obvious, but the DEO took it hook, line and sinker and made off with everything they wanted. In a world of dumb villains, umm, well, Cadmus is still kind of dumb. But Supergirl's gang is just dumber. So yeah. Smart-ish villains.

Dany: I guess maybe I was right when I said Jeremiah will end up being Cyborg Superman? I mean ... I know Hank Henshaw is the dude in the comics, but in the CW Supergirl universe, it makes more sense for Dean Cain to be Cyborg Supes. So if that happens it will be pretty good. Also, I love being right.

The bad: Pretty much the entire plot, and everything surrounding it

Dany: This episode was B-A-D, fam. From how stupid the DEO was (we're talking Gotham levels of stupid, y'all) to the unnecessary conflict between Kara and Alex, nothing felt emotionally honest or true based on everything we've seen from these characters in the past. On a show full of diversity, let me go on the record and say that Winn and Mon-El, the only two straight, white bro bros, being the sole sensible voices in the room was way gross. Don't be that way, Supergirl. Don't let The CW turn you to the dark side like this. Don't let Alex be so bad at her job that her feelings get in the way of her being able to shoot her dad in the legs to incapacitate him. Come on. Please bring Cat Grant back ASAP to get this house in order, holy wow. Bad.

Trent: Oh my, this one was clunky. The team recovers Jeremiah in a gift-wrapped truck after literally being notified they were moving a prisoner. Then, no one questions his return, and Martian Manhunter literally gives him a key card to the DEO his second day back — after spending literally 15 years with the enemy. These are all red flags, and even if it's your dad or not, the level of stupidity here was just too much. Then, when Mon-El points out, "Umm, this is kind of fishy, right?" they literally toss the dude out. Then when he literally hacks the system to access files, they just shrug it off. Look, it's understandable the guy would be a blind spot for most of the team. It's why Cadmus sent him in. But it goes far beyond a blind spot. It's just recklessly dumb by people who are supposed to be trained professionals. Oh, and when they X-rayed his hand for nerve damage, nobody noticed the arm was from a cyborg? THIS IS SO DUMB.

Also, when Alex confronts Jeremiah in the woods and lets him go — does that space gun seriously not have a stun setting? Hell, just grab your regular gun and shoot him in the leg. He's literally just standing five feet away.

Lingering questions

The biggest is arguably the exchange where Jeremiah tells Mon-El that he knows who he really is and that Kara wouldn't like it. Which lends credence to the theory that he's really the Prince of Daxam, not just a rando from Daxam. Now that Kara and Mon-El are happy, look for that reveal to explode anytime now.

So, Cadmus' big plan is to build some type of ship? Maybe to ship off all the aliens? For a music-swelling reveal, that was mostly just a little confusing. But next week looks to explain things a big more, and Jeremiah returns! Hopefully we'll find out more about the deal he cut with Cadmus because none of this is adding up.

Up next: What will likely be some heavy-handed immigration parallels, but we hope for the best!

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