DC takes SXSW with pop-up comic shop and Heroes Live Experience

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Feb 21, 2019, 3:00 PM EST (Updated)

Headed to South By Southwest this year? Then get ready for a superhero invasion of epic proportions. Warner Bros. Television Group and DC Entertainment have announced SXSWDC! Where Heroes Live, a pop up comic book shop and superhero experience for those attending the interactive, film, and music industry conferences that take place each year in Austin.

The SXSWDC “Super Hero Lair” will open just a few blocks down the street from the Austin Convention Center and run March 9-18, the festival’s entire duration.

And one of its main missions will be to celebrate Superman’s 80th anniversary (yes people, Kal-El is old!), including sharing the House of El’s alien origin story with WBTV’s eagerly anticipated Syfy drama, Krypton

But wait, there’s more! The Batman will be well represented with an exhibition of the Caped Crusader’s iconic Batmobiles and Bat-cycles from a few of his film appearances — from Val Kilmer’s 1995 retro winged Batman Forever wheels and The Dark Knight’s Tumbler to Bruce Wayne’s current ride in Justice League, along with Batgirl and Robin’s souped-up supercycles from 1997’s Batman & Robin.


Fanboys will also revel in meet and greets with some of DC’s most legendary comic book writers and artists, among them Frank Miller, who revitalized Batman in the his Dark Knight Returns miniseries in the mid ’80s; Dan Jurgens who famously authored The Death of Superman; and Jim Lee, who spearheaded the new Justin League comic that launched earlier this decade and who created new art for a limited edition book in honor of the Man of Steel’s 80th birthday.

DC’s bunker will also offer a special sneak peek at the resurrection of its moribund Constantine title as an animated digital series for CW seed after the live-action program was canceled by NBC. Fans will be able to snap Selfies with the likes of Teen Titans Go! and the original creature from Critters and take part in signings with various cast members and producers of WBTV’s Black Lightning and more.

And because this is Austin after all, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles will be on hand to dole out exclusive beer tastings from his local brewery, Family Business Beer Company, at Oswald’s, a replica of the bar and nightclub featured on Fox’s Gotham.

Sounds like super fun!

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