The Batman script to be rewritten from scratch

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Apr 27, 2017, 11:50 AM EDT (Updated)

If you were hoping to see Ben Affleck and Matt Reeves team up for The Batman anytime soon, think again.

There've already been rumblings that production would be bumped to 2018 due to director Reeves' prior commitment to the Planet of the Apes franchise (and, as reported earlier today, Affleck's current treatment for alcohol addiction). Now it sounds like it could taken even longer, with the studio scrapping the script and looking to rewrite the project from scratch.

/Film reports the script is being rewritten "from the ground up," so it's possible everything we've heard about the project could go out the window (even Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke).

The current version of the script was hashed out largely by Affleck, Chris Terrio and Geoff Johns, though there's no word on if some of that work will be salvaged or if it will all be completely scrapped. Regardless, it doesn't bode all that well for fans wanting to see a new Batman movie anytime soon. As we've seen with The Flash, these projects can quickly drift into a developmental purgatory when something goes awry.

Warner Bros. had originally been eyeing a potential 2018 release date for this one, though that now seems all but impossible. If everything works out, 2019 is likely the earliest we'll get a look at the Dark Knight's next solo adventure — and considering DC's track record thus far, we’re still not all that confident the stars will align.

(via /Film)