Abra Kadabra, Gypsy and a shocking death in the latest Flash

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Apr 26, 2017, 2:37 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Abra Kadabra," the latest episode of The CW's Flash!

The short version: Abra Kadabra comes to town to steal stuff and reveals he knows the identity of Savitar. Gypsy is also hunting him down to face death for crimes back on her Earth. After a few jailbreaks and a sweet fight, Kadabra is caught and goes with Gypsy. He doesn't reveal Savitar's identity. Sigh.

The good: Euro-trash Kadabra wasn't terrible, Joe breaks your heart, the Easter eggs, that ending

In bringing the classic Flash baddie Abra Kadabra to live action, the TV team took a few liberties with the character's look. Sure, it was a bit on the weird Euro-trash side, but they really got the heart of the character right. Kadabra is from the far future and has such advanced technology that it seems like magic to those of us in 2017 (but it apparently can't overcome the mighty power of a pair of handcuffs, whatever).

David Dastmalchian does a heck of a job with this version of Kadabra, and since we know Flash will butt heads with him quite a lot in the future, we hope to see him return at some point in the future. Having Kadabra bouncing around the multiverse to steal enough tech to build his own time machine was also a nice touch, giving him a clear motivation. Dude just wants to get home. It's simple, but it works.

Man, Joe was ripping on all the heart strings in this one. He goes toe-to-toe with Kadabra to try to trade him freedom for the identity of Kadabra, then gets into a screaming match with Gypsy when it all goes sideways. Seeing Joe utterly defeated and on the verge of tears because he can't save Iris was heartbreaking stuff, and Jesse L. Martin was laying it all out on the table. Moral quandary or not, dude is trying to save his daughter. Whatever it takes. With the focus so often on Barry, Iris and the younger members of Team Flash, it's great to see Joe get a bit of screen time to see how he's grappling with Iris' imminent demise.

With Kadabra being from the future, he had quite a bit of intel to drop in regards to where things could be going for Barry Allen once he gets a few more seasons under his belt. He tells him he does beat Savitar, but only after Iris dies. Then, one throwaway line that was almost certainly not a throwaway line? "DeVoe." When listing off a few of The Flash's greatest enemies, Kadabra mentions the usual offenders like Thawne, Zoom and Savitar.

But he also name-drops DeVoe, aka the Thinker. He's been kicking around DC Comics since the 1940s and has been reimagined more than a few times along the way. With the producers saying next season's big bad wouldn't be a speedster (DeVoe has telekinesis and mind control in most incarnations), it stands to reason that could be an Easter egg for next season. So, make a note.

Phew, how about that ending? First off, Caitlin being tough enough to provide instructions for her own surgery was bad-ass. Straight up. But, when the post-credit stinger scene was just Caitlin and Cisco kidding around, you just knew they were setting up something horrific. Then, Caitlin died. Of course, you knew someone would rip off her power-blocking necklace at some point, but still. It was tough to watch. But they played that scene straight, and it worked well.

The bad: Cisco and Gypsy, Kadabra goes down a bit too easily

The little flirtation between Cisco and Gypsy has been a fun subplot, but the two seemed to be on different shows in this one. Cisco was his jokey self while Gypsy was understandably hardcore about trying to bring Kadabra to justice (it's revealed he killed her partner a few years ago). It made sense, but the juxtaposition just seemed weird in this instance. Plus, c'mon, stop with the teases and let this thing go somewhere. Or not. Hopefully so, but still. It needs a bit of momentum.

Looking back to the comics, Kadabra is a fairly powerful rogue in The Flash's canon — and we're told he'll do battle with future Flash many times down the line. So, how is it that young Barry is able to take him down in under an episode? While future Barry apparently can't manage to pull it off all the times they've tangled in the years to come? It makes sense they have to give the episode some resolution somehow, but it's a bit hard to believe that a rookie Flash could do something the veteran never managed. Which, you know, is kind of a theme in this show. Which brings us to our next point.

Lingering questions

So, as Barry points out, it seems most of his villains typically have the future on their side when facing off with Team Flash. Thawne knew what was coming down the line, and so did Kadabra. Now Barry has decided to jump to the future to try to get some leverage and understanding, and we're almost certain that will not go well. But man, it's going to be fun to watch.

We also learned that Wells/Thawne left behind a super time machine battery, or whatever, that's been hiding in the time vault all this, err, time. It seems like it went into the time stream with Kadabra's empty ship. But who knows? Could be another one hiding around Star Labs somewhere.

Killer Frost is back, and it doesn't look like it's going to be easy to get the genie back in the bottle this time around. With Caitlin having died and Frost regenerating her body to bring her back, she seems to have taken full control this time around. She's also loaded with icy cold powers. Between Barry turning to the future to Caitlin going ice queen (not to mention the lingering threat of Savitar), the final run of this season is really heating up. Or chilling out. Whatever, you get it.

Up next: Barry messes around in the future and it looks rough. So does his hair. Dang, boy.