Grodd returns in new trailer for Flash's two-part Gorilla City event

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Apr 28, 2017, 2:38 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s not a season of The Flash without a good Grodd story, and this year they're blowing it out with an alt-universe two-parter. Welcome to Gorilla City.

The CW has dropped a new trailer for the event, which begins next Tuesday, and it shows off a good bit of new footage from Flash's next encounter with the super-intelligent ape Grodd. It seems Grodd has taken Harry (aka the Wells from Earth-2) prisoner, so Barry and the gang make the jump over to his reality to stage a rescue mission. Not surprisingly, things do not go as planned.

Along with all the tense gorilla action, new addition Julian is a hilarious breath of fresh air. Dude wants to be Indiana Jones on the Planet of the Apes, and he’s ready for action.

Surprising as it may be, The Flash has done an amazing job bringing Grodd to life on a small network budget. From the story to the effects work, it's about the best adaptation fans could have ever hoped to see. So, expectations are sky-high to pull off this two-parter. No pressure.

Check out the trailer below.