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DC Universe's Titans reveals first look at live action Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

If everyone’s getting a teen sidekick, why shouldn’t Wonder Woman get in on the fun? And why shouldn’t her younger counterpart seemingly be an investigatory mix of Mary Jane Watson and Jessica Jones? That’s what the first pictures of Wonder Girl, aka Donna Troy, ask as DC Universe reveals her ahead of the character’s debut in her self-titled episode of Titans.

Joining the legion of superheroes that Titans briefly introduces, Troy will bring her malleable backstory to the show already altering one of her primary traits. In the show, at least at first, she’s not a main member of the team. In fact, as the photos seem to show, she’ll be a photographing, investigating, techy helper who may see more action as the series goes on. That alteration in character goes along with the comics’ constant reappraisal of her origins (an adopted orphan? a golem? Wonder Woman’s sister?) and her similarly diverse historical powers.

So Conor Leslie’s portrayal will likely be no different... or completely different, as the case may be. But it’s not like the Titans couldn’t use someone actually slowing down to think every once in a while.

Take a look:

Is she breaking up a poaching ring? Beast Boy, at least, should be thankful. However, since she’s not super-strong or flying around, it’s impossible to tell what powers she has/will have over the course of her run. She’s not even in costume, which is another thing Titans basically has free rein over. The DC Universe show hasn’t been shy about snapping up side characters and making them its own, so hopefully Troy gets the same treatment.

Wonder Girl hits the small screen on Nov. 30.