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DC Vertigo debuts Goddess Mode, High Level pages at NYCC

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Oct 5, 2018, 12:46 PM EDT (Updated)

DC Vertigo is relaunching with all the exciting genre stories you’ve been missing coming to comics from some of the medium’s most exciting creators. We got Sandman, we got Hex Wives, we got Safe Sex. These aren’t spandex and justice. Now, thanks to the imprint’s NYCC panel on Friday, we know a bit more about the stories on the way.

Ben Blacker (Hex Wives), Zoe Quinn (Goddess Mode), Dan Watters (The Sandman Universe), Tina Horn (Safe Sex), Kat Howard (The Sandman Universe), Rob Sheridan (High Level) all spoke about their new comics. Mark Doyle, executive editor of DC Vertigo, opened up the discussion by focusing on The Sandman Universe and Lucifer.

Showcasing the cover of Lucifer #1, by artist Jock, and some interior pages about how the Devil himself experiences Hell in the body of an old homeless man. The first issue features an LAPD detective speaking to a tumor, allowing Watters to "push the horror" in his corner of the Sandman-verse.

Blacker's Hex Wives — out on Halloween — wanted to tackle drama because "nothing in the world is funny anymore."

"I'm a white guy. I have it easy and I'm angry," he joked. He channeled this into the comic. "I don't feel like making jokes anymore," he said, before admitting that, yes, there is still humor in the comic. One of the characters in the comic is based on the singer Lizzo with another being based on Bewitched's Samantha Stevens, while another comes from Wendy from Casper.

Goddess Mode also debuted some pages, as Quinn described combining technology and magic in an original universe. "My favorite DC character is Harley Quinn because she's a disaster," Quinn said as she describes all her protagonists as "total messes."

Goddess Mode pages NYCC

Source: Jacob Oller

Goddess Mode #1 goes on sale Dec. 12. On the other side of things, Sheridan's February 2019 release, High Level, is building up a post-post-apocalyptic world which also saw some pages make their debut. Much of the pages are silent art-based storytelling as Sheridan tells the first road trip-esque arc, which was inspired by a real road trip taken by Sheridan and his wife.

High Level pages NYCC

Source: Jacob Oller

Describing a scene in the first issue, Sheridan said that his main character was going to freak out and cut her own hair, but after a suggestion from his wife (that long hair is easier to cosplay), he changed the scene so she just dyed her hair. Horn's Safe Sex — out in early 2019 — apparently has the spirit of a superhero team. The "sex rebels," named The Dirty Minds, came from the real experiences of Horn's time with sex workers, queer found families, and other activists. All these upcoming comics seem to stem from the writers' real lives in some way, giving the imprint's upcoming books a personal heft.

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