DC defeats Siegel and Shuster estates over that Superman lawsuit

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

The long battle over who owns the rights to the Kryptonian boy in blue, Superman, has taken another twist. It may not be the last, but, at this moment, it is absolutely damning to the estates of the two men who actually created the characters in the first place.

Considering we're edging closer and closer to the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel, it's not surprising to see the court pressed to make some kind of decision. Will the Siegel and Shuster estate retain any control over Superman and make a movie of their own? Doesn't look like it.

"...the copyright termination notice served by the Estate of Joseph Shuster on November 10, 2003, is deemed invalid and ineffective."

And, just to add insult to injury:

"...rights-encumbering agreements—including the 2001 Pacific Pictures agreement, 2003 Pacific Pictures agreement, and 2008 consent agreement—are deemed invalid and unenforceable."

Basically, this leaves the estate with nothing. But is that the end? Of course not. An appeal has already been filed.

Where the case can go at this point is anyone's guess. What it says about the comic book industry and how it treats its creators is murkier still. Will it cause people to boycott Man of Steel? Did the Kirby estate getting similar treatment prevent The Avengers from being the biggest film of 2012?

Still, we may see a long-term impact on the big two if creators decide to stop creating new characters for them.

(via Bleeding Cool)