DC disses Marvel to explain why there'll never be a JLA movie

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Dec 14, 2012

Marvel's movies have been telling one long interlocking story, what with Iron Man and Captain America feeding into The Avengers, while DC's movies ... haven't. You might think this has been an entirely economic decision. Not so, said DC's chief creative officer today.

Geoff Johns, speaking at New York Comic-Con, explained there were no plans for a Justice League of America movie that would team up its big guns a la Marvel's Avengers flick. But he didn't let it go at that, making sure to get a dig in at his competition while clarifying why they weren't going the shared-universe route like Marvel.

"I'm going to speak frankly: I think our characters are bigger than Marvel's," said Johns, adding that the company had chosen to spend its time building each character rather than "smashing them together."

Leaving aside whether that was a cocky thing to say, do you think there's any truth to the statement? Does Marvel need to sew its films together because its characters are too ... small?

Considering the fact that the first two Iron Man movies alone have grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, Marvel's heroes don't seem small to us. But what do you think?

(via slashfilm)