DC hopes Moore will bring an open mind to Before Watchmen. Really?

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

With the release of the controversial comic prequel series Before Watchmen getting close, DC execs are again doing damage control on why they believe the follow-ups are necessary—and they hope original Watchmen creator Alan Moore will bring an "open mind" to the effort. Hmm, I wouldn't count on it.

Moore has been an outspoken opponent of the prequel series, which digs into the history of his 1986 original, but DC Comics publisher Dan Didio says he hopes Moore will at least take a look to see what a new generation of writers have brought to the Watchmen world.

"I hope [Moore] looks at them with an open mind and a chance to understand this is a love letter to what he created, and more importantly that the strength of his work is allowing other people to grow and tell other stories which will hopefully inspire other creators along the way," he told The Guardian. "In the way he was inspired by the creators when he was younger, we're hoping these ideas and these books are inspiring new people, so that we continue to grow the comics business as a whole."

Didio went on to say that Watchmen is ripe for further exploration, and he believes Before Watchmen works as both a financial and a creative move.

"The stories and ideas are so well defined, and there are so many throwaways in the body of the original work, a one-line mention or a side item or a cameo shot of a character, that were basically great wonderful springboards we could grow the world from," he said. "That's why when everybody says this is a finite story, true if you're looking at the beginning, middle, end of that particular story itself. But when you're talking about the characters, there's nothing finite about them. They have endless possibilities in the types of stories we could tell with them. And like I said, we've found the right creators to tell those stories."

The interviewer even managed to bait Didio into a bit of back and forth over Moore's infamous assertion that the prequel series is "completely shameless," and he says he believes the project can stand on its own.

"Honestly I can understand why he might feel the way he does because this is a personal project to him. He has such a long and illustrious career and he's been able to stand behind the body of work he's created," he said. "But quite honestly the idea of something shameless is a little silly, primarily because I let the material speak for itself and the quality of the material speak for itself."

Sound off: How are you feeling about Before Watchmen? Will you at least check out the first few issues to see what all the fuss is about?

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