DC exec reveals they've lost the rights to three classic series

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Over on Facebook, DC co-publisher Dan Didio was asked recently if the classic titles The Spirit, Doc Savage and Avenger were still with DC. Surprisingly, it turns out, they're not. But that isn't the whole story.

While The Avenger and Doc Savage may not have been a great loss (other than appearing in the First Wave series, DC hasn't used them much), Will Eisner's Spirit is a bit of a household name, despite the feature film that flopped some years ago.

So what did Didio have to say specifically? Not much.

Sorry to say but none of these characters are still at DC but here's hoping that another publisher gets them back in print soon.

Whether DC simply allowed their contract to control these properties to run out or if there was a demand for them to be published elsewhere remains to be seen. Certainly Dynamite has had some luck crafting new stories for classic pulp heroes like The Spider, The Shadow and Green Hornet. Might they pick up these other three heroes as well?

Two things of note come from CBLDF chair and agent of the Will Eisner estate, Denis Kitchen. The Spirit archives (spanning some 25 volumes) will remain with DC. Says Kitchen, "There is a contractual formula I can't divulge under which the rights would revert. When that might apply is impossible to predict at the moment."

However, DC no longer has the right to make new stories starring the Spirit or the other two heroes as of now. Might we hear more? Kitchen suggests it could be sooner than we think.

I would say watch for a press release in the not too distant future which might provide a clue.

(via Comics Alliance)