DC reboot protesters march to, tape signs on DC Comic-Con booth

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Dec 14, 2012

Remember that Comic-Con protest called to let the suits at DC Comics know exactly what fans thought of their planned company-wide reboot? Well, this afternoon in San Diego, that protest took place. And the first (and, for a while, only) protester was the Last Son of Krypton.

We arrived at the Grand Staircase near Lobby D of the San Diego Convention Centre at around 1:30 p.m. to make sure we could see the costumed crowd gather for the 2 p.m. protest called for on the organizer's Facebook page. Each time someone dressed in superhero garb walked by, we expected them to stop ... but they didn't. Until a few minutes before the reboot Avengers were meant to assemble, when one lone Man of Steel approached and looked around hopefully.

Beneath that red and blue suit beat the heart of Aaron Einhorn, who was there to cover the event for Comic Hero News as much as to express his own displeasure with the reboot. For the first 15 minutes, none of the promised hundreds of others who'd indicated they'd take part in the event had arrived, so he was the sole protester ... until he was joined all at once by a dozen or so members of Gotham Public Works. After an interview scrum during which the group was outnumbered several times over by journalists, they paraded into the dealers' room and headed straight to the DC Comics booth.

One of the many Harley Quinns, standing in front of a wall featuring the official new costume for her character, told us exactly what she didn't like about it.

The Joker vanished to locate tape (of course it would be the Joker!), and while the many Harley Quinns created a distraction, the Clown Prince of Crime papered over the offending costume with a couple of the group's signs.

The only thing missing from the mix was that DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio didn't appear to have been on site at the time, so he was unable to get the protesters' message personally. Depending on fan reaction to the reboot, maybe he'll get his chance next year!

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