DC reveals Wonder Woman's new, updated costume

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski has just taken over the Wonder Woman comic book, along with artists Don Kramer and Michael Babinski, and they've given DC Comics' most famous female superhero a new look—but is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Straczynski, who calls the new look cooked up by DC Comics co-publisher and artist Jim Lee "the first significant change in her appearance since the character debuted in 1941" (not counting the mod look used briefly in the '60s, about which the less said the better), obviously thinks so. As he explains it:

It reflects her origins in both the outside world and the world of Amazons: tough, elegant ... a street-fighter's look which also incorporates elements of her classic design. It reflects the two sides warring for ultimate victory, and underscores the path she must take.

It's a look designed to be taken seriously as a warrior, in partial answer to the many female fans over the years who've asked, "how does she fight in that thing without all her parts falling out?") She can close it up to pass unnoticed ... open it for the freedom to fight...lose the jacket or keep it has pockets (the other fan question, "where does she carry anything in that outfit?", it can be accessorized ... it's a Wonder Woman look designed for the 21st century. The bracelets are still there, but made more colorful, tied on the inside and over the hand, with a script W on each of them that form WW when she holds them side by side ... and if you get hit by one of them, it leaves a W mark. This is a Wonder Woman who signs her work...letting her enemies know that she's getting closer.

But Nikki Finke, who debuted the artwork below over at Deadline today, headlined her story, "DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman!" and goes on to say that "she looks ready for Goth Day at the Sherman Oaks Galleria." And The Awl titled its story in the makeover "DC Comics Starves Wonder Woman, Then Drags Her to Hot Topic."

So we're not sensing much love out there for the new costume. But what do you think?