DC's Batman Rebirth is about to start connecting the Watchmen dots

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Oct 14, 2016, 11:51 AM EDT

Tying in the characters and events of Watchmen to the larger DC Comics universe was the big secret and big reveal when the line debuted earlier this year. Then … nothing. Now it sounds like this crossover is about to start making a bit more sense.

Tim King, who’s writing DC’s new flagship Batman series, told io9 the Watchmen connections are part of a longer game that will apparently be playing out over two years' worth of stories. But after dropping some hints in the first issues, they’re about to start building up more of that connective tissue in the coming months. 

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“It starts in Batman #9 [coming out next week]. It’ll hit there. This is a new continuity, so a lot of stuff is happening in Batman that affects the spine of the universe. It’s been going on, you just haven’t noticed it. For example, they just announced Suicide Squad vs the JLA— that’s coming out of the Amanda Waller stuff that we did in Batman. It’s a long-term plan, so that spins out of the I Am Suicide arc. And then in Batman #9, you’ll see the first hints of how the Watchmen storyline will play throughout the Batman universe.”

The biggest Watchmen bombshell hit in King’s relaunched Batman title, as the Dark Knight ran across the Comedian’s iconic, blood-stained happy face pin. There have also been hints in some of the Wally West and Flash-related ‘books, especially the main Rebirth issue, about a greater power (Doctor Manhattan?) manipulating their world.

Our guess? DC will take its time setting the stage for a massive Watchmen vs. DC event that’s (probably) still a year and a half out. But c’mon, don’t act like you won’t buy every single one of those ‘books when they hit the shelves.

(Via io9)