DC's creators talk what's next for Rebirth at New York Comic Con: Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, Teen Titans, and more

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Oct 10, 2016, 1:56 PM EDT

There’s a lot of talk in the DC universe, and the DC Rebirth panel did not disappoint. New covers were revealed along with some new directions, and fans are in for some big surprises. The panel talked about upcoming storylines and revealed new artwork for the covers and some panels. 

Harley Quinn:

It was pretty obvious that Harley Quinn is a huge character right now – about every third girl is dressed as her at NYCC. And it was confirmed by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti that there were some elements of Harley in Suicide Squad that came from the comics.

Harley’s story arc is called “Undercover Punker,” and is apparently kind of like the movie Point Break (hopefully the original one), with Harley going undercover in the Brooklyn punk scene; some cover art featuring an homage to the Sex Pistols only further illustrates that direction.

Green Arrow:

According to Ben Percy, DC wanted to bring back classic elements of Green Arrow (his goatee) and Black Canary. They also liked their teacher-student relationship. There is a lot of emphasis on family and the story will go underwater and on the Trans-Pacific Railway.

Juan Ferreya says, “We are bringing back the boxing gloves.”

Teen Titans:

For inspiration for this new run, Percy looked at Geoff Johns and the Wolfman/Perez runs. The first arc is Damian Wayne, “that little tyrant.” But even “that little tyrant” has good intentions while struggling to be a leader. Says Percy: “He’s got his armor, but there are cracks in it.”

Bonus info: There’s a secret sixth member of the Teen Titans coming.

Wonder Woman:

Greg Rucka says he “never left Diana” and would never refuse working on WW, “Kate and Renee.” He even said he prefers working on female characters. As for WW, he says he has plans for Diana, who is “really going to break out in a way that the character has been poised to do for a while.”

But Rucka admitted that in 75 years of WW, there have been missteps.

Rucka also discussed doing parallel stories; Cheetah before she’s Cheetah and an important role for Barbara Ann, who will have to adjust to realizing that gods are real. He says, “Cheetah should be to Diana what Two-Face is to Batman.”

“The best villains have pathos,” Rucka added. “Barbara got a raw deal.”

Green Lantern:

Rob Venditti says some of the Lanterns have aspects of his own friends, but out of all the Lanterns, “Guy was the most surprising to me.”

Issue 8 will be focused on John Stewart.


Josh Williamson spoke to Barry Allen as a teacher and added that “what was missing was family.” He added, “Barry wants justice, Godspeed wants revenge,” and that like the most effective villains, they have no idea they’re villains. He considers himself a hero. “Godspeed is not a reverse Flash, he’s a reverse Barry Allen.”

And on Rogues Reloaded: The Rogues are back, but they’re not helping the Flash anymore.


Priest discussed Deathstroke’s likeability and reminded everyone: “He’s a villain, you’re not supposed to like him.”

Also noteworthy: the Bat signal is prominently featured on the cover of Deathstroke #4.

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