DC's latest covers want you to go WTF (but will they?)

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Mar 20, 2013, 2:09 PM EDT

DC wants comic readers to have WTF moments in abundance come April. Is that a good thing?

We're not saying this is the weirdest marketing ploy in comic-book history, but it's up there. DC is releasing a host of covers throughout the month of April designed specifically to be so shocking that you will have to pick up the issue to know what's what. Will the contents held within be as WTF as the covers? Only time will tell.

Some of the covers have already been revealed, so we thought you might be keen on taking a look and judging for yourself. Are these moments captured in time that will make you mad with the need to know the story behind them? Or are they just kind of weird?

Take a look at the few we've culled and sneak over to our source for the rest.

(Via The Beat)