DC's Legends of Tomorrow cast dishes on reality-bending shenanigans in the midseason finale

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Dec 10, 2018

Forget "Elseworlds." Well, at least for an hour. The Legends of Tomorrow are embarking on their own reality-bending escapade in tonight's winter finale, "Legends of To-Meow-Meow." After Constantine breaks one of time travel's fundamental rules — that you can't change the past without severe consequences — Constantine and Charlie find themselves bouncing between alternate realities and encountering trippy versions of their teammates.

"I wish you guys could just see it now," Caity Lotz told members of the press and SYFY WIRE during a recent Vancouver set visit. "You see a different version of everyone, like a different version of the Legends, a couple different versions, and it's really wild, and seeing a puppet me was pretty cool."

Episode promos promise one bizarre ride. Sara, Ava, and the physical manifestation of Gideon strike a pose as a Charlie's Angels-inspired team. Ray channels Bruce Springsteen. Mick, Ray, and Nate establish a team that hunts down fugitives. Zari turns into a cat. And, as Lotz mentioned, there are... puppets?

"Caity and I, we were just talking about the press and how Legends has gone this very Deadpool-like, 'making fun of almost making fun of making fun of things, that we're just going to be crazy,'" Jes Macallan says. "So, let's embrace it. We actually did a lot of the puppet stuff in here [Waverider set] and fun fact, because they're so difficult to work with, we had to do a lot of reshoots just to get the puppet person out of the shot and the puppet and the looks… he didn't make the right looks. His eyebrows went like this instead of like this. And, so, we had a bunch of extra stuff that we had to tack on for the puppets."

No need to guess which puppet ranks as Macallan's favorite considering the sparks between her character Ava and Sara.

"Oh, Caity's," Macallan says. "I have full-blown, ready-to-hit-the-internet, make-out pictures with her puppet. It's just not allowed yet. It's on my phone… guarded."

Only Constantine and Charlie remain unaffected by whatever ripple effect is affecting the Legends. It's up to the two anti-heroes to restore the timeline… without making matters even worse.

"It's hilarious," Maisie Richardson-Sellers says. "Every act, you basically see the Legends in a different form. I don't want to give it away, but the puppets is one of them. And it's just this mad, mad journey throughout time and coming back and thinking you've fixed it and they're in a completely different universe, because one thing has changed. And, Charlie being Charlie, being a magical creature, she kind of takes everything under her wing. She's like, 'Alright, this is what it is. How can we fix it? Let's do this.' Nothing really phases her. I do think she gets a bit of a kick out of it. At the end of the day, she truly bonds with the Legends and makes a decision to stay and sacrifices her powers in order to save them. Seeing them in all these different ways, it makes her a bit fond of them. When they do come back, she's like, 'All right, I'll hang around.'"

As for which one of the puppets Richardson-Sellers interacts with most, the actress says: "I spend a lot of time with the Zari puppet. She was hilarious, very sarcastic. And puppet Stein comes back. That was a terrifying one. Puppet Stein is not necessarily a goodie. Let's just say that. We had to do some serious battling with puppet Stein."

The DC's Legends of Tomorrow winter finale airs tonight at 9PM.

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