DC's Legends of Tomorrow cast talks monkey business with Gorilla Grodd

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Nov 21, 2017

During a recent Legends of Tomorrow set visit, actor Dominic Purcell revealed Heat Wave's comical nickname for the oversized, incredibly ferocious, telepathic Gorilla Grodd.

"Just call it 'Monkey!'" Purcell exclaimed. "Don't call it Gorilla Grodd. How is Rory's reaction to the monkey? It's huge! It's big, and he's Rory. He tries to burn the bloody thing."

Grodd previously terrorized The Flash on multiple occasions. In this week's episode of Legends of Tomorrow, "Welcome to the Jungle," the team somehow encounters a time-displaced Grodd in the Vietnam War. How the massive ape landed in the '60s – and his agenda – are up to the Legends to find out.

"I had quite an interesting personal relationship with the gorilla in that episode, which was great, obviously, because Amaya speaks to the animals, so they communicate on a whole other level," Maisie Richardson-Sellers said. "We see a more tender side to Gorilla Grodd, which I think is quite beautiful, actually. I think one thing Legends does really well is that there is no such thing as a villain and a hero. Everyone is flawed, and everyone has their positives as well. So we actually see positives to Gorilla Grodd. And we go to Vietnam, which was awesome."

"Ray doesn't really have experience with Grodd, but he knows about him from his friends in Central City," Brandon Routh added. "So I think he's equally amazed, intrigued, and also frightened of what they're going to do about that problem."

Rory also unexpectedly runs into a familiar face, someone who provides some insight into his past. On the exterior, Rory comes off tough, gruff, and rough around the edges. However, Purcell was thrilled to delve into what makes his alter ego tick a bit more.

"We get to see some character stuff, some real deep stuff from Rory, and so he's starting to unwind a little, certainly in this episode," Purcell concluded. "He meets his father, and so there's beautiful moments there. For me personally, it was a great experience just doing some emotional work."