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WARNING: If you don't want to know what happened in this episode, don't read this photo recap! After Saya hears about everything Marcus went through, and why F*@kface AKA Chester is after him, her disgust turns to commiseration and she agrees to help.

Deadly Class: The Official Podcast Episode 7: 'Rise Above'

Feb 28, 2019, 12:00 PM EST

Welcome to the seventh episode of Deadly Class: The Official Podcast.

This week, hosts Jackie Jennings and Max Tedaldi are joined by Deadly Class actors Luke Tennie (Willie) and Michel Duval (Chico) and producer Miles Feldsott to discuss Episode 7: "Rise Above." In this episode, Marcus confesses the truth about Chester to Saya, which leads them on a citywide manhunt.

Listen below!

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