Deadpool 2 almost reunited 2015's Fantastic Four

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May 25, 2018

The post-credits scenes for Deadpool 2 are basically the Wild West of the superhero world and the one place that the hero - who typically follows the rules set by his predecessors in the DCEU and MCU - can stretch his meta-textual legs. We talked to director David Leitch about the scenes that actually made it into the movie (which you should only watch after seeing the film- spoilers!), but the screenwriters had PLENTY of ideas bouncing around for the finale.

Screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese discussed some of these ideas during a Twitter Q&A, but in a recent interview with Yahoo, they dug a little deeper into one particular joke.

The pair had planned - for a while at least - to end the film with another X-Force interview. This time it’d be Chris Evans auditioning for the team. Captain America, right? Wrong.

He’d be recognizable to Wade Wilson as none other than the Human Torch, thanks to Evans’ role as Johnny Storm in two Fantastic Four movies before joining the MCU proper with The First Avenger. What Wernick and Reese disclosed is that after that joke played out, they had another one in mind to really take it home: a Fantastic Four reunion between the reboot’s castmates.

“We had a subsequent scene where all the Fantastic Four came in together, including Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch, to kind of one-up the Chris Evans visit,” Reese said.

This was just one of many sequences that was scripted but not shot for the film. Another included Deadpool getting arrested and going to Night Court. “He got busted for committing crimes, went to trial, and Harry Anderson was going to be the judge, and John Larroquette was going to be the prosecutor, and we were going to do a whole Night Court thing,” Reese added.

While the merc with a mouth will live out some of these realities on the eventual Blu-ray deleted scenes extra, the rest are confined to our imagination - at least until Deadpool 3.

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