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The hunt is on as Deadpool 2's Blu-ray release poses an Easter egg challenge

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Aug 21, 2018

It’s that special time of year again, when the release of a new comic book movie on Blu-ray sends fans parsing through footage minute by minute in search of hidden easter eggs, particularly those tough-to-find ones that could potentially provide internet notoriety. We’ve barely recovered from searching through Avengers: Infinity War for hidden gems, but today’s release of Deadpool 2’s "Super Duper Cut" promises plenty more surprises.

While many viewers were able to find a slew of easter eggs when the film was first released this summer, there were of course those in the theater too consumed by their deep and passionate attraction to Deadpool to be on the lookout for hidden references. Fortunately, SYFY WIRE already compiled our list of MCU easter eggs discovered in the film, but director David Leitch says that there’s so many hidden gems in Deadpool 2 that he doubts fans will be able to find all of them. Nonetheless, he challenges us to do just that in this clip from the Blu-ray featurette “Creating Easter Eggs.”

The clip highlights a number of easter eggs found in the film, including references to the first film, like Blind Al’s cocaine and Wade’s arcade token from his first date with Vanessa. Other references highlighted are among the comic book variety, including Cerebro and Alpha Flight Airlines.

From screenwriter Rhett Reese to makeup designer and supervisor Bill Corso to star Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 brought almost every area of the film’s production in on creating the easter eggs, truly making it a crew mission. Indeed, if you’re a comic book fan able to spot all the deep cuts, Deadpool 2 creates an all-inclusive experience for those looking to get the most out of the film.

In the clip, Corso says that every frame contains something for the eagle-eyed viewer to find. While that may be a bit hyperbolic, we’re willing to bet that there’s more than a few fans out there who will make it their mission to grab a chimichanga and put in the work to watch Deadpool 2 as many times as it takes to see just how true that statement is.

Deadpool 2 is out on Blu-ray and DVD today.

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