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Deadpool 2 director in talks for Enter the Dragon remake

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Jul 24, 2018, 12:45 PM EDT (Updated)

If there’s one thing that Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde director (and former stuntman) David Leitch has proven to film audiences, it’s that he knows larger-than-life action. After a long career doing action choreography, second-unit work, and all things fight-related for film, Leitch could be taking on one of the most iconic films in the action genre.

According to Deadline, Leitch is in talks to join a remake of Bruce Lee’s final film, Enter the Dragon. It’s the film that, coming out right after the legend’s untimely death, cemented his status as a tragic icon of cinema.

It’s a film that was full of Lee’s real-life martial artist friends and the peak of his inventive, realistic choreography. Following a huge martial arts tournament, with plenty of different styles and personalities in conflict as the main villain ran things, the film spawned a million imitators.

Now, with a remake on the horizon (though Warner Bros. has yet to set a writer or anything else for the project), Leitch has the opportunity to honor Lee’s legacy while pushing for the same progressiveness that the actor embodied simply by being an international Asian superstar. But who will they cast as Lee?

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