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Deadpool 2 reportedly films 'secret cameo' in L.A.

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Mar 21, 2018, 1:14 PM EDT

Deadpool isn’t a superhero known for coloring inside the lines. That’s why, when The Hollywood Reporter posted a report that the merc with a mouth’s second film, Deadpool 2, spent two hours filming in Los Angeles for a secret cameo, nobody was surprised. But they were curious.

Of course, most fans understand that a Deadpool movie is going to include references. Now the question is: Who was worth the trip?

Last month, Deadpool 2 spent about a week in Vancouver doing reshoots — so who was so important in L.A. that the production had to pick up some work there? The answers are seemingly endless. The fact that it’s a secret cameo cuts out Stan Lee from contention because he’s the perennial superhero film drop-in.

Some think that Hugh Jackman, Deadpool’s first on-screen co-star in the botched Wolverine origin film and subject of mockery in the former’s first standalone, is a prime candidate.

That makes sense... until you consider that Jackman made a big point of hanging up the claws at the end of Logan. That makes a better case for a more mainstream pick, someone with blanket celebrity. Someone who may have been in the first movie’s dead pool:

Deadpool's Dead Pool

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That means Lil Wayne, Shia LaBeouf, Kid Rock, or Amanda Bynes could be in contention. However, with two full hours, it could’ve been a cameo-palooza — the film version of the Infinity War crossover meme going around the internet.

Until someone provides more convincing evidence, it’s hard to say who will show up. Best guesses point to Betty White or Charlie Sheen. Maybe even Ryan Reynolds' The Hitman's Bodyguard co-star (and Avengers gatherer) Samuel L. Jackson.