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Deadpool 2 is on track for a massive $150 million opening weekend

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Apr 26, 2018, 1:57 PM EDT

Avengers: Infinity War is expected to seriously challenge the all-time opening weekend record, but the assembled heroes of the MCU aren’t the only box office blockbusters on Marvel’s roster. Deadpool 2 is following just a few weeks later, and if the early projections are any indication, it looks to be the first movie to knock Infinity War out of its No. 1 slot.

According to Variety, Deadpool 2 is tracking for a $150 million debut when it hits theaters on May 18. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and his creative collaborators pushed the project for years before 20th Century Fox finally gave it a greenlight. That gamble paid off when the original film opened to $132 in February 2016. Deadpool 2’s projected box office total is only $18 million higher, but it’s going up against much stiffer competition. It’s also a number that could increase as we draw closer to the release date. 

While Disney and Fox are currently in the process of merging, they aren’t the same company yet. It’s worth noting that Infinity War was only moved from its perch on May 4 after Fox pushed up Deadpool 2 from its slot on June 1. It’s entirely possible that these two Marvel movies could still hurt each other by opening so close together. 

Regardless of the outcome of the merger, there will almost certainly be more Deadpool movies after the current sequel. Deadpool 3 is already in development, and the X-Force film is also likely to reassemble the characters who make it out of Deadpool 2 relatively intact. 

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