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Deadpool 2's Peter is on LinkedIn, and his profile shows just why he landed that X-Force gig

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May 16, 2018, 2:14 PM EDT

We already knew that Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) would be recruiting his Deadpool 2 X-Force team via LinkedIn, and we got a good chuckle out of that, particularly when Peter (Rob Delaney), a man with admittedly no superpowers, showed up for the interview and landed the gig. Well, prepare for more chuckles, because now we get to see Peter’s LinkedIn bio that landed him the interview in the first place. 

While Peter’s Twitter feed may give us some keen insights into his beekeeping hobby and his X-Force teammates, his LinkedIn profile offers us a true window into Peter’s past, present, and future, as only a well-written LinkedIn bio can do.   

For example, you can see that Peter quickly updated his profile to include his new stint working with Deadpool, Domino, Bedlam, and Co. But while X-Factoring will surely require him calling in sick a few days, Peter continues to work as a Regional Sales Manager at Excalibur Cutlery Co., where he’s been climbing the corporate ladder for the last 20 years. He was even awarded the Top Sales Manager Award in his department for seven consecutive quarters at one point, and earned the Top Sales Manager overall in February of 2011. Way to go, Peter!

But that’s not all that’s impressive about this young recruit: Peter also was awarded the Entrance Scholarship at Metro University, where he “completed a year-long Captstone project” in his senior year, among other impressive scholastic feats. And before that, he was awarded the honor of Eagle Scout in 1996, which is as high as you can go in the Boy Scouts of America.

While it’s easy to present your best self in a LinkedIn profile, which Peter definitely does, it’s his personal essays that really let us into his life. Like in his essay “Work/Life: A Balancing Act,” we learn that Peter’s wife of 12 years, Susan, likes working on squat thrusts with her personal trainer while Peter spends his extra time with the bees and the X-Force, but at night, it’s just the two of them, “The way life’s meant to be.” 

And in his brief essay "Comfort Zones and You," we get some insight into why he decided to join the X-Factor team, even though it was well outside his cozy cutlery-salesman life. While Peter concludes that it doesn’t matter what caused his bold move to join up, it’s that he said yes to it at all. “It’s important to challenge yourself. And not just in the ‘join a team of superheroes’ way,” writes Peter.

If you’ve got a LinkedIn profile yourself, Peter’s accepting connections as we speak. So reach out, then start enjoying not just his profile and articles, but also all his remarkable comments on the posts of LinkedIn’s likely unknowing beekeeping community.

You can see Peter in all his X-Force glory when Deadpool 2 lives up to the hype and opens wide this weekend.