Deadpool 2's Ryan Reynolds parodies Flashdance with splashy new poster

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Feb 6, 2018, 12:15 PM EST

Deadpool 2, the much-anticipated sequel to 2016's breakout superhero action-comedy, is only a little more than three months away. This spring, Wade Wilson returns for more mayhem, more dirty jokes, and more fourth-wall-breaking absurdity. Despite the looming release date, though, Fox still hasn't shown us much of the film. We've seen about 15 seconds of footage tucked into the middle of a Bob Ross parody sketch, and a few images of new characters like Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Cable (Josh Brolin), but little else.

It's hard to imagine a trailer is far off, though, particularly since the Deadpool marketing machine seems to be revving up again. Fans' hopes were dashed on Super Bowl Sunday when the possibility of a trailer was shot down by one of the film's writers, then those hopes were lifted when the official Deadpool Twitter account live-tweeted the entire game. Now, we're getting even more teasers, courtesy of Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds.

Tuesday morning, Reynolds tweeted out a new poster for the film, featuring Deadpool being showered in spent bullet shells in a parody of the '80s classic Flashdance

Sure, it's only a poster, but it's got exactly the right spirit to it. 

If you're keeping score, that's one Deadpool promotional scheme on Sunday and another on Tuesday. Could Fox be building up to a trailer in the coming days? It's very possible.

Deadpool 2 is in theaters May 18.