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Deadpool 2 surpasses It to become the third highest grossing R-rated film globally

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Jun 25, 2018, 3:54 PM EDT

It would seem that a scary clown and a bunch of kooky kids have nothing on Deadpool when he decides to go into full maximum effort mode. The fourth wall bending madness of Deadpool 2 has just surpassed It to become No. 3 on the list of highest grossing R-rated films on the international stage. 

According to Deadline, the film crossed over the $700 million worldwide mark this past weekend, which expands its global bag of riches to $705 million. This allowed it to knock the first part of the new adaptation of Stephen King's It off of it's cozy perch, with only the first Deadpool and The Matrix Reloaded in front of it in the No. 1 and 2 spots, respectively. 

Starring Ryan Reynolds as the title character, the film opened overseas on May 15, where it set international records and flew right past the totals of both X-Men: Days of Future Past and last year's Logan. Both Wade Wilson and Ryan Reynolds must be happy that they've both managed to outshine Wolverine. 

The international numbers are even more impressive because they do not include China, which in recent years has proven to be a market that can sink or float a film's success. The sequel is still playing very strong in Japan especially. 

Some of the film's success is being attributed to Solo: A Star Wars Story not making much of an international dent, as well as the exhaustive promotional efforts of Ryan Reynolds overseas. According to Deadline, monetary benefits were seen everywhere that Reynolds (and co-star Josh Brolin) traveled to promote the film. 

Whether Deadpool 2 stays put at No. 3 or manages to climb even higher is anyone's guess. Those grown up kids from It will soon be back to try and take their spot back, as the second part of that story has already begun production

(Via: Deadline)