Deadpool 2 teaser gets more irreverent in theatrical version

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Apr 27, 2017, 2:37 PM EDT (Updated)

The theatrical version of that awesomely hilarious Deadpool 2 teaser "No Good Deed" that debuted in front of Logan has finally made its merry way online. Thank you, Gods of the Internet!

This one is a little shorter than the one released by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds last week (which I've also included below) and features a couple of minor differences, including a slightly different ending. Gone is the Stan Lee cameo, which apparently ended up on the cutting room floor at the last minute when it was released in theaters.

Also different? When Wade Wilson takes off his earphones at the beginning we hear a different song: "Angel of the Morning" by Juice Newton.

In this version, the Merc With a Mouth doesn't imitate Hugh Jackman's Australian accent. Instead, we get a longer bit where Deadpool -- comfortably using the dead guy's corpse as a pillow -- is heard enjoying said dead guy's Cherry Garcia ice cream while talking about brain freezes and making irreverent jokes about the fact that the dude is dead as a doornail.

There's now apparently some chatter about the possibility of Hope Summers (Nathan Summers' 'daughter') appearing in director David Leitch's Deadpool sequel. I did notice the word "Hope" scribbled not once but a couple of times (I'm counting at least three, maybe even four?) when our fourth-wall-breaking hero steps out of the phone booth. Whether that means she'll actually be in the film remains to be seen.

Here's the theatrical version:


And here's the one released by Ryan Reynolds:

(via Comic Book Movie)