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Deadpool 2 trailer breakdown: Why is the mouthy merc in jail?

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Feb 7, 2018, 12:10 PM EST (Updated)

Promotion for Untitled Deadpool Sequel (hey, check IMDb) has been riotous so far, even though we've barely gotten a delicious whiff of any chimichangas the merc with a mouth is cooking.

There was a poster, then the natural parody of Norman Rockwell, then, of course, being the guest editor for Good Housekeeping and toting a Bob Ross perm (all perfectly normal steps in movie marketing), and now, we have a trailer - one predominantly focused on Cable, though Deadpool still has to do much of the hilarious work himself.

After the first film's surprisingly happy ending, we'd be remiss to think that things would turn out completely well for Wade Wilson. No wedding will remain uncrashed as long as Deadpool lives - even his own.

But before we get too deep into the action, here's the trailer, which happens in so many different realities that it's unclear where we the audience fit into things (we're all in SOMEBODY's head, it's almost certain).

Take a look:


OK, now let us break it down for you...


Cable rises

First off we see Josh Brolin's time-traveling mutant Cable in action. He's the ass-kickingest, military-crew-cuttingest, cybernetic-arm-havingest anti-hero around, and he wants to know how much we know about pain, violence, and war.


Cable's Teddy

This stuffed friend could be an visually-undercut gag, with its softness somehow co-existing in the dystopia of Cable's world, or it could prove that Hope Spalding (Cable's adopted daughter in the comics) exists in the film universe - meaning that mutantkind is facing extinction and that Hope is, well, their only hope. We already see Cable fighting to free what appears to be captured mutants, so this seems very likely.


Oops, hang on

And here begin the jokes. The fourth wall isn't just broken here, the entire process of moviemaking and trailer-cutting is put on display for the viewing audience. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) complains that "it's not like we're trying to remove a mustache," jibing at Justice League's reshoot woes involving Henry Cavill’s facial hair.


Dramatic reenactment

Deadpool's action figures (including himself dressed as Toy Story's Woody and saying "Reach for the sky") begin to irreverently spin the tale the trailer would already be telling... if the VFX were completed. Now we get our backstory straight from the merc's mouth - and is that Julian Dennison's frowning character in the background?


Who is he?

Speaking of, we know almost nothing about Julian Dennison's character except that he's played by Dennison and is, well, a lot like Dennison's Hunt for the Wilderpeople character. That is, he's a juvenile delinquent. He seems to be in jail of some kind, with a shock collar that implies that he may be in mutant-prison.


Deadpool's in jail too

Wilson does some wrestling-style acrobatics leaping off of prison scaffolding, ready to wreak havoc on those below. This asks the question of whether Wilson was apprehended for his various and extensive crimes or if he went in voluntarily to break people (including Dennison's character) out.

And there you have it. What do you think?