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Deadpool 2 trailers used bonus fake footage — just to keep from spoiling the real plot

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

Because there’s no detail too small to escape Deadpool’s hilarious snark, even the trailers for the mouthy merc’s second outing have been hiding a fun fact in plain sight: They've been teasing major events that aren’t even in the actual movie.

**Spoiler alert: This article reveals a really big plot point for Deadpool 2. Turn back now if you want to stay unspoiled!**

When it comes to the X-Force in particular, what happens in the trailers, sadly, stays in the trailers. If the preview clips had us thinking that Wade Wilson’s new recruits would get to show off some of their killer fighting moves as the movie progressed, well… let’s just say that the movie itself had other plans for them.

Speaking to Cinemablend, Deadpool 2 co-writer Rhett Reese explained that the X-Force actors got in the spirit of punking the fanbase when it came time to shoot some false footage to use as marketing material. While on set for the movie's heavily promoted skydiving sequence (as seen in the trailer above), the team took part in green-screen fights they knew wouldn't be in the film.

"That day on set was the most fun we had, too, because the actors were very generous, and they were willing to shoot extra footage for marketing and for commercials," said Reese. "So during the day, before we shot the helicopter jump, the skydiving shot, Terry and Bill and the guys were all out back like fighting stuntmen and getting shot against green screen, and knowing that it was all fake -- it wasn't going to go in the movie."

If you’ve read this far, then we can stop beating around the bush: A whole bunch of the X-Force jumps out of that miltary-grade helicopter in Deadpool 2, and they don’t make it. Among the casualties are Bedlam (Terry Crews), Zeitgest (Bill Skarsgård), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), Vanisher (Brad Pitt), and — this is the real tear-jerker — Peter (Rob Delaney), whom fans had come to revere as Deadpool 2’s idea, carried to the most logical of all conclusions, of the ultimate antihero. Fortunately, Negasonic Teenage Warhead fixed Cable's time-travel device and at least saves Peter, which presumably means the rest of the team can be saved, too. 

Still, none of those guys ever got the chance to pull off, in the real movie at least, some of the ass-kickings the trailers had tricked fans into expecting. But at least we can take comfort in the knowledge that Fox’s plans for the X-Force are a real thing, and that they’re all but certain to crystallize — albeit with other heroes, perhaps — once a full-blown X-Force movie comes around.

In the meantime, it’s back to the drawing board for Deadpool, who seems to have the worst luck when it comes to lasting relationships. You can catch the mouthy merc sassing friends and mis-influencing people now that Deadpool 2 is finally playing in theaters nationwide.

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