Deadpool 2's Bob Ross-themed teaser gets weirder with a quirky LEGO version

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:25 AM EDT (Updated)

Last week, Deadpool fans finally got the sequel footage they'd been waiting for, but perhaps not in the way they were expecting. To introduce Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds got into full Bob Ross cosplay (while wearing his Deadpool costume underneath it all) and did a full-on parody of Ross' The Joy of Painting TV series. The tone was perfect, but it had an added layer of Deadpool hilarity, in that the canvas kept changing scenes and Deadpool couldn't stop talking about cocaine.

Well, the internet got its hands on this gem, and remixes were inevitable. This week we got one of the most obvious ones: the whole teaser, recreated in LEGO form.

Yes, the folks at Huxley Berg Studios have meticulously remade the entire trailer, but this time it's all LEGO Deadpool and his pals, including Negasonic Teenage Warhead flipping the bird at us all. It almost seems routine to get these LEGO recreations now, because that's just how the internet works, but this one is particularly playful. Plus, it feels like Wade Wilson would really enjoy being able to see himself re-made as a toy. 

Check it out (a little NSFW language in the clip).

Deadpool 2 arrives in 2018.