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Deadpool plus A Chorus Line equals campy fun in Ryan Reynolds’ CinemaCon gag

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Apr 26, 2018, 4:56 PM EDT

Oh, Deadpool. There’s no one else who can match the mouthy merc’s peerless gift for making something better just by upping the camp factor a little... or, in this case, a lot. And after checking out 20th Century Fox’s hilariously raunchy, Deadpool-tainted send-up of Broadway’s A Chorus Line at this year’s CinemaCon, we’re more certain than ever that we’d have it absolutely no other way.

Ryan Reynolds helped Fox kick off its traditional CinemaCon musical in bizarre R-rated fashion, while managing to bring in some fellow transplants-in-waiting from Marvel’s corner of the Fox movie-verse to set an irreverent preamble to family-friendly Disney’s impending takeover.

Deadpool joined a Chorus Line-style row of high-kickers for Fox’s blinged-out stage number (What can we say? The man loves to dance) — only for Reynolds to appear moments later on a huge video feed to announce his regrets for running late to the show.

Hard to wrap your head around? Never fear — here’s a handy visual aid:

From there, things got R-rated and hilariously chaotic. Via Deadline’s report of the proceedings, Deadpool went on to taunt exhibitors from his remote hotel room, playfully asking “When do we get this self congratulatory orgy of non-exhibitionists going?” Fox distribution head Chris Aronson then showed he was in on the joke, rising from the hotel’s bed wearing a costume from The Greatest Showman and muttering — what else? — “I’m totally f***ed!”

Because that wasn’t enough, Hugh Jackman (yes, the Wolverine himself) walked onscreen and traded lines with Deadpool about the industry’s shifting corporate sands, and then — and here, at last, we come to the part of the tale where it’s finally appropriate to say we promise we aren’t making this up — Pluto the Disney dog came up from some previously hidden slumber to stagger his way out of the place in gloriously groggy, day-after-the-party fashion.

“You try staying up and drinking with those pr**ks,” Aronson zinged, this time in person as he took the CinemaCon stage.

It all amounted to a ludicrously memorable entrance for Deadpool and for Fox, the kind we’ll likely be talking about this time next year when CinemaCon once more rolls around.

But it also has us even more stoked about the imminent arrival of the movie at the center of it all. Deadpool 2 is only weeks away from sashaying its way into theaters — and into our sarcastic, cynical little hearts. May 18 is when the sequel hits the big screen... so get that popcorn ready.