Deadpool celebrates the big game with a livetweet of the Super Bowl. Trailer coming?

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Feb 4, 2018, 7:52 PM EST

Deadpool 2 is still months away, and while we wait we're eager for any glimpse of the film we can get. We've seen photos, and even a hilarious Bob Ross parody teaser, but not full trailer. Given that it's Super Bowl Sunday, we were hopeful that the film would get a spot during the big game. Alas, writer Rhett Reese has assured us that's not happening.

Even if he doesn't get to show off any new footage, the Merc with a Mouth just can't shut up. So, while everyone on Twitter is talking about the game, the commercials, or both, Deadpool himself decided to join in the fun with a little Super Bowl livetweet.

Yes, Wade Wilson is apparently at the helm of the official movie account's Twitter page (it's unclear if Ryan Reynolds has anything to do with this) for the duration of the game. As of this writing we haven't even made to halftime yet, but he hasn't slowed down with the jokes.

So, if you're itching for everything Deadpool, head on over to his Twitter page and follow along. It's not a trailer (though we still have our fingers crossed for a surprise), but it's something.