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Deadpool co-creator fully endorses Cable, Josh Brolin, and Deadpool 2

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Nov 14, 2017, 11:50 AM EST

If you’re a fan of the first Deadpool movie and you’ve been fretting over how the upcoming sequel will compare — because, let’s face it, the bar is high — here’s a reason to start fretting a little bit less.

None other than Rob Liefeld, one-half of the comic book brain trust behind Wade Wilson’s motormouthed anti-hero (Fabian Nicieza’s the other), wants the world to know that Deadpool 2’s shaping up to be a super-fun ride, thanks to the addition of Cable — and the serious acting chops Josh Brolin is bringing to the character.

When we say Liefeld is stoked, we mean he’s stoked. He posted a face-to-face Instagram shot of himself on set with Brolin, accompanied by what we only know how to describe as a happy-rant:

Look out world indeed, eh? Hard not to be at least a little amped after reading that. Ryan Reynolds has been boosting Brolin's development of Cable's character for a while now, but it’s a good sign when one of the guys behind the original story says he’s blown away.

Liefeld and Nicieza brought Deadpool to life back in the early 1990s as part of the New Mutants series, and evolved that corner of the Marvel Universe into a property unlike anything else in comics. Though the heroes are far from bad, they’re often nearly just as far from good, and they’re motivated by real stuff.

Complex human backstory and relatable, earthy talk and behavior are part and parcel of the Deadpool world, and it’s hard to argue those very qualities had a lot to do with the first movie’s box office blast, making it the highest-grossing R-rated comic book film ever.

Liefeld’s reasons for buying into Brolin seem to lie partly along those same lines, especially that bit about Brolin having found the right “voice” to bring Cable to the screen.

A future warrior returned to the present, Cable's background is complex, and he’s got superpowers Deadpool could only dream about. Add that to Cable’s larger-than-life character physics, and you’re looking at a much bigger casting challenge than finding the right guy (and Ryan Reynolds is definitely the right guy) to inhabit Deadpool himself.

Does Liefeld (and Brolin) have you fired up? We’ve still got a way to go, so ths hype train’s just started rolling. Fox lets Deadpool 2 loose in theaters on June 1 of next year.