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Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld visits Stan Lee, offers update on comic legend's well-being

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Jul 30, 2018, 12:03 PM EDT

There's no denying that Stan Lee's had a rough couple of months, as the iconic Marvel creator has cropped up in the news for reasons other than his legacy and his famous MCU cameos. There have been claims of elder abuse, sexual abuse, legal shenanigans, identity theft, and even blood theft. Sometimes, truth is stranger than Doctor Strange. 

To hear something positive about Lee would be a godsend and, as if hearing our collective prayers, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld delivered with a lengthy Instagram post, chronicling his recent and happy visit with the man. 

"SUNDAY WITH STAN!" began the post, which included a smiling photo of the two comic book giants. "Let’s get right to it, how great does @therealstanlee look in this photo?? He’s doing really, really well, his own words actually. I had the pleasure of sitting with him yesterday for an extended period and it was a delight ... When I saw Stan, my heart soared, his color was great and his eyes were wider than I’d seen them in quite some time. He was vibrant and spry."

Lee reportedly said, "I’m doing well, tell [my fans] I’m doing well. Can you believe I’m 95 years old, Rob? I’m still here at 95, who would have thought?"

Liefeld also mentioned that the two discussed the Fox-Disney deal and how Liefeld learned a lot about science simply by reading Lee's comics about Hank Pym (the OG Ant-Man) and Reed Richards (of the Fantastic Four). 

The caption finished off with: "Stan was in great spirits and in great care ...  I’m so grateful to have shared time with him."

You can currently check out Lee in his first-ever DC cameo for Teen Titans GO! To the Movies, which is out in theaters now.

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