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Deadpool defeats Thanos and McGonagall time-travels: The week's worst fan theories

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Dec 6, 2018

No matter what series they're into, fans tend to have two traits in common: They're extremely creative and not especially patient. Perhaps that's why there are so many fan theories, because fans can't help but try to predict what'll happen in Avengers 4 or explain away some obscure Game of Thrones mystery in the agonizing wait for the final season. Sometimes these theories are right on, but for every "R + L = J" there are hundreds of very, very bad fan theories.

That’s fine! It’s great that fans are being creative with their favorite series. What’s less great is when an entertainment news site decides to pluck one of these specious theories from the safety of a subreddit and present it to a general audience as a plausible theory in order to get your clicks. When that happens, it’s up to SYFY WIRE to debunk these crazy fan theories. We’re not digging into subreddits to find outlandish theories to dunk on, we’re just looking to see which news sites irresponsibly wanted to take you for a ride.

A heads-up that this week, we only found two bad, aggregated theories in need of a good dunking. Perhaps that’s because the biggest theory going around right now, that Nick Fury will lose his eye to a Skrull shape-shifted to look like Captain Marvel’s cat, is actually an extremely good theory. Anyway, here are the bad ones.


Deadpool will defeat Thanos (and licensing rights) in Avengers 4

"As we have seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Scott is stuck in the Quantum Realm," this Reddit post explains. "Thus it is possible to getting [sic] from one universe to other. And possibly from there the rest of the Avengers will somehow find Deadpool. And as Deadpool have [sic] the time machine that he stole from Cable. Avengers will use the time machine in order to beat Thanos."

This, as commenters in the Reddit thread were quick to point out, would all be impossible. The Fox-Disney deal isn't even done yet so there's no way, legally, Marvel would've been able to have the Merc With a Mouth appear Avengers 4, especially considering that the movie was written and shot well before the merger. This theory is bad because even a basic familiarity with real-world events disproves it. (Also, from a storytelling perspective, how weird would it be to have a totally random, fourth-wall breaking R-rated hero swoop in and save the day?)

But, even though this half-baked theory is patently wrong, it still got aggregated. A day after it was first posted, another Redditor chimed in to point out that another entertainment news site "already ripped this from you lmao." It wasn't alone.

Maggie Smith as McGonagall in Harry Potter

Minerva McGonagall Used Time Travel to Appear in Fantastic Beasts

Hey, y'all know what Occam's razor is? It's a philosophical principle that basically boils down to "the simplest solution is usually the answer." I bring this up because Harry Potter fans are scrambling to try to figure out how Minerva McGonagall appeared as a Hogwarts professor in Fantastic Beasts: The Grimes of Grindelwald despite that scene taking place in 1927 — well before the character's birth in 1935. To fill this plot hole, a YouTuber (whose theory got aggregated by at least one outlet) suggested that McGonagall was there teaching before her birth because of time traveling.

See, McGonagall's official Pottermore backstory reveals that she fell in love with a Muggle named Dougal McGregor, but broke off their engagement at the last minute, having seen what Muggle-Wizard marriages looked like in that time period, since her own parents were one such couple. What this theory posits is that McGonagall then went back in time to... help Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald and usher in a new era of Muggle-Witch relations?

Anyway, back to Occam's razor. This overly convoluted theory, which would bring the always-complicated issue of Time Turners back into the series and turns McGonagall into the Terminator, is much more complex than the idea that the folks making Crimes of Grindelwald wanted to give a familiar face a cameo in the Hogwarts scenes and they just didn't give a s**t about canon. Something to think about.

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