Deadpool director Tim Miller walks off sequel

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Oct 24, 2016

The man who possibly got Deadpool made in the first place is no longer working on its follow-up.

Deadline broke the news over the weekend that director Tim Miller has left the production of Deadpool 2 due to "creative differences" between Miller and star/producer Ryan Reynolds. While the decision was said to be "amicable," a report at The Wrap suggested that Miller and Reynolds had not been on good terms for some time and that the final impetus for Miller's exit was disagreements with Reynolds over the casting of Kyle Chandler as Cable. Apparently Miller wanted him, while Reynolds -- who renegotiated his contract to include cast approval -- did not.

Miller and Reynolds also reportedly clashed, according to inside sources, over the direction of Deadpool 2: Miller wanted to make a more "stylized" sequel (whatever that means), while Reynolds wanted to keep the focus on the bawdy humor that was a trademark of the first film. Miller was also allegedly unhappy over the time it took for Reynolds and his agents to renegotiate the actor's deal, which ate up time that could have been spent on prepping the film (which does not yet have a release date). 

Directors depart projects all the time, but this situation raises a red flag for fans of the first movie. Miller, a visual effects designer who made his directorial debut on the picture, has been involved with Deadpool since 2011: He, Reynolds and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were the core group that pushed to get the movie made, with all staying involved through its long development process -- an unusually rare scenario in Hollywood. 

In fact, it's rumored that Miller was the one who leaked that now-famous test footage online in 2014 -- which caused such a sensation with fans that it finally convinced indecisive execs at 20th Century Fox to give Deadpool a green light. That gamble paid off for everyone, as Deadpool raked in an astonishing $782 million worldwide (making it both the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time and the biggest moneymaker in the X-Men universe), put Miller on the map as a filmmaker and revived the comatose career of its star.

Now that star, who already had a lot of say in the first film, is taking even more control on the second, if the speculation about Miller's exit is to be believed. On a more positive note, Reese and Wernick returned to write the script for Deadpool 2, and casting is underway for the character of Domino, while the actor playing Cable remains a question mark. But Tim Miller -- who has already been given a consolation prize by Fox in the form of a science fiction film called Influx -- won't be the "overpaid tool" (as he was labeled in Deadpool's opening credits) behind the camera anymore.

What do you think about Tim Miller leaving Deadpool 2? Will it harm the franchise?

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