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Deadpool lover Kanye West 'down' to clear his music for future film

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Jun 12, 2018, 9:40 PM EDT

In a team-up story too perfect for even the Deadpool writers to predict, rapper Kanye West tweeted his fandom for the superhero series and his thoughts on the two films’ musical choices. Ryan Reynolds ended up getting involved and, well, this is one of the weirder things that has happened with this property and the wide world of social media. And, after Deadpool 2's extensive and varied marketing campaign, that's saying a lot.

West, after a long Twitter hiatus, returned to the service in April to illuminate users’ feeds with his very specific thoughts. Some of those turned to pop culture -- specifically, the Deadpool movies.

The multi-Grammy winner doesn’t talk movies too often -- it’s mostly been music, politics, and fashion since his return -- but he felt moved enough to write not one, but two tweets on the films. “I love both Deadpool movies… I heard tracks in it that sound similar to mine,” he wrote. “Bro I would have cleared my music for Deadpool.”

Really digging the general idea of Deadpool’s style as the meta-textual superhero that's aware he’s in a comic book (or a comic book movie), West wrote that the filmmakers’ “writing and approach is so innovative … I love how you guys break the 4th wall.” The rapper then mentions he's “down to clear” his music “next time," aka Deadpool 3.

That’s some very interesting news and would seem like shouting fandom into the void... if it was anyone besides Kanye. But it's hard to ignore that star power. So of course, Deadpool star, co-writer, and executive producer Ryan Reynolds jumped in... to make a joke:

Ah yes, the similar track West was referring to was definitely the power ballad sung by Celine Dion. However, a shared sense of humor and a love of playing with the media that they create could actually make for an interesting pairing if West and, say, Drew Goddard when he’s soundtracking his X-Force movie, ever link up. Those meetings will likely take place offline, however.