Deadpool sells out to hawk frozen meals, and he doesn't care if you know it

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Apr 12, 2018, 6:18 PM EDT

We'll probably never see John Wick or the Terminator shilling for frozen meals on TV, but there is absolutely nothing Deadpool won't do for money. One of the secrets to Deadpool's success is he simply has no shame. Marvel's Merc with a Mouth would not only be happy to take anyone’s money, he’ll do it with a smile.  

Deadpool is currently starring in a new ad for Devour, which supposedly takes place in the frozen-food aisle of his dreams. And should we be disturbed by the fact that Deadpool is on a first-name basis with anthropomorphic food that looks like it escaped from a California Raisins commercial?

The reason this advertisement works is it actually calls out Deadpool for selling out, and he simply defuses the accusation by acknowledging it to be true. We’re probably meant to assume the young girl is just a manifestation of what passes for Deadpool’s conscience. Unless this is just some kind of shared dream between them, which would just be weird. 

There was actually a time in the Deadpool comics when he was popular with the general public and a member of the Avengers Unity Squad. It wasn’t that long ago, and appearing in an ad like this would have been perfectly in character. At the moment, Deadpool is being hunted by Marvel’s heroes and villains, so this endorsement deal is probably not going to be an in-universe thing.

Deadpool 2 has already kicked off an unconventional marketing campaign, just like the first film. A frozen-food ad isn’t even the strangest thing we’ve seen after Deadpool’s Bob Ross parody or the special issue of Good Housekeeping in which Deadpool promised to give fans “the bird.” There’s still a few weeks left before the film hits theaters on May 18. Who know what other publicity-savvy goodies Deadpool 2 has cooking beyond the frozen-food aisle?