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Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Deadpool is Good Housekeeping's newest guest editor. Yes, seriously.

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Mar 26, 2021, 4:00 PM EDT (Updated)

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it's time to deck the halls and prepare your home for guests. And this month, Good Housekeeping has employed Deadpool as their special guest editor to get you holiday-ready.

The latest sneak peek into 20th Century Fox's Deadpool 2 can be found in the most unlikely of places. Deadpool is primed to be this year's "Supper Hero" as he graces the cover of the Good Housekeeping.

Check it out:


Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Along with the joke-filled cover, Good Housekeeping's Editor in Chief Jane Francisco released this hilarious statement about the partnership:

“Deadpool’s persistence to be in Good Housekeeping was impressive – initially we had no idea who he was, let alone that he was a fan of the magazine. But after repeated attempts to ignore his … passion … we came to a compromise. He could appear in one issue, if he promised to stop leaving care packages at our editors’ homes and agreed to maintain a 50-foot distance from the Good Housekeeping offices and our staff.”

And of course in true Deadpool fashion, his response was full of wit and insult, saying, “After years of weekly emails and countless carrier pigeons, Good Housekeeping finally returned my calls. And while it’s a dream come true, apparently we have vastly different opinions on the definition of a ‘holiday spread’ …”

According to Collider, inside the magazine Deadpool gifted readers a holiday letter, some inappropriate recipes, and even a how-to guide. Also found within the issue is the very first poster for Deadpool 2. Don't the holidays seem like the perfect time to introduce your family to Deadpool?

Deadpool 2, starring Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin (as Cable), is set to hit theaters June 1, 2018.