Deadpool is taking over 7-Elevens across the country

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May 8, 2018

One of the joys of Deadpool’s marketing campaigns for the first two films is that it’s almost impossible to predict where it will go. Running pop-up bars in New York City and Los Angeles is pretty tame compared to Deadpool guest-editing an issue of Good Housekeeping, shilling for frozen meals, and selling gummy candy based on his gross tiny hands. Now, just in time for Deadpool 2, Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth is making sure no one can escape his reach by taking over 7-Eleven locations across the country. 

7-Eleven has released a video featuring a few “employees” who are alternately bemused or annoyed by Deadpool’s antics. Unlike most comic book characters, Deadpool would totally waste his time hanging out in a convenience store and getting overly involved with the employees. 

There basically two levels to the Deadpool takeover. Anyone who comes into the store looking for Deadpool 2 merchandise will be able to pick a variety of collectible items, including Slurpee straws, cups, energy drinks, and even Deadpool’s favorite food: chimichangas. 

If fans aren’t coming for the food or the sugar rush, then there is also the Deadpool AR experience through the 7-Eleven app. Essentially, 7-Eleven customers will be able to use the app to unlock bizarre Deadpool interactions, with new activities for Deadpool slated to make their debut every week during the promotion. It’s not quite the same as spending quality time with Deadpool, but it may be the next best thing. 

Deadpool 2 will open in theaters on Friday, May 18.

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